Friday, December 9, 2011

Beautiful hand work

A beautiful drink dispenser.   All hand painted work!
This is done at the doll factory as well.

The finished product

Dad said I should have included pictures of
finished dolls.  Here is a selection
of the Christmas variety.
A shot of several finished dolls.

A doll that is made for the 2014 olympics.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Our Christmas tree, about 4 feet tall.  All white
and silver decorations.

Small 10 inch Christmas tree we purchased
at the doll factory.  The base comes off
and the center is hollow so could hold a small gift.

A view of our large dining table and lights above the south facing window.

This is the west facing window with lights and greenery.
 We are doing well, and have had some success in teaching and visiting with some members.
As we remember whose errand we are on we quietly remember His birthday.  We are so
blessed with all that are around us and feel to give thanks for all. 
So far the weather is holding out never been below -12C and usually around +3 to around 0C so
can't complain.  We still have snow on the ground, but it has been melting.  The roads are mostly
clear and most sidewalks are free of the ice and snow buildup. 
We haven't seen the sun nor any blue sky for weeks, but it doesn't seem to bother us.  We have noticed that
we have pretty short days.  We don't get any light outside until about 9AM and then it is dark by 4:30PM.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tour of the Martrushka doll factory Thursday 1 Dec 2011

A tray full of little fat men that I really liked.

A close up of a worker smoothing up a swan figurine.

Factory floor, machinery and wood materials in back.

Starsheena Foutz standing in front of the massive amount of wood amased for the factory work.

Not only do they produce the dolls but this beautiful close up of metal work and the detailed painting
The master painters receive recognition and good pay and an apartment for their work.

Selection of the many dolls that are made.  We saw that the artist will paint one
part of the doll and then pass it on to another artist.  Here she is painting
the blue clothing.
We enjoyed our tour very much.  We were wanting more time in the factory than we got.  Dad especially wanted to spend time there, but all was fine.  We saw all kinds of items they make and some
of it takes weeks to paint I am sure.
We arranged to have lunch at the factory cafeteria and they had a special room set up for us and had a very good menu.  The bus ride out there was about 1 1/2 hours north of here.  Saw some beautiful scenery much
like we would see in the mountains.  Lots of snow, evergreens along the road, and pretty little houses, too.
We took all the elders and sisters who serve here with us and by the way it was our p-day so no time lost
We find people here curious about our home in Utah and about our seemingly large family.  We take our picture
book with us occassionally and show off the family.  We don't like to talk about our home, as there is nothing even remotely like it here.  No grassy areas around apts, and the apts are small and not in best
condition due to lack of funds to repair or remodel.  Some families have only 1 bedroom or no bedrooms, they sleep in the living room.  Beds are often hard and not many have more than a stuffed couch in the living room if that.  The people are happy and feel grateful for what they have.  It makes me ever grateful for all I have and the
restored gospel on top of it all.