Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27th, 2012

Dear family and friends.  It has been a long time we have made an entry on our blog.  Linda has been the one that has done the posting in the past however this post being done by Jerry.

We are enjoying very nice weather for the most part.  It is sunny during the day and the temperture usually is between high 60's and mid 70's.  Most nights cool down.  We do not have airconditioning, only a couple of fans.  We are managing fine.

I have spent a couple days out in the country helping dig the footings for a new house.  The soil was black as coal for the first 20 inches and the next 25 inches had some clay but no rocks.  It was fairly easy digging. It is very common here for people to have what they call a Datcha, it is a summer home in the country.  They grow gardens at their, village or datcha summer home.  The homes are small fairly rustic, more like what we would call a cabin.  It is very peaceful and nice out in the country.

The sun comes up around 4:00AM and it is not dark until about 11:30PM so there is a long growing period during the day.  The potatoes and other vegtables really look good.

In early December Linda and I went out to dinner one night at a Japaneese restaurant.  The little gal that served us our sprite spoke good English.  As we talked with her, she just had a glow about her.  We invited her to come to our English Club.  She started coming and then started taking the missionary lessons.  The end of May Dasha was baptized.  She asked me to confirm her a member and give her the gift of the holy ghost, it was a very special honor. 

We have had a couple of trips to Moscow and tonight we will be leaving to go again.  One trip was for a Mission Conference with our Mission President and his wife who just finished their mission and went home this Monday.  The second trip was a combined conference with our mission and the Moscow Mission, which we are now a part of.  It was very special because we had a number of general authorities at the conference.  Elder Christofferson, Elder Rasband, Elder Stevenson, the new Presiding Bishop and our Area presidency, who are all three members of the 2nd Quorum of seventies, along with two mission presidents.  Their wives were with them too.  What a great experience!

We are going to Riga, Latvina tomorrow to renew our Visa's and will be able to stay overnight.  We hope the weather will be good and we will be able to see some of the city while there.  It is on the Baltic Sea, a real new adventure for us!

The missionary work is going along fairly well here.  We are keeping busy with many different activities:  English Club, supporting and feeding the missionaries, supporting both of the Branch Presidencies as best as we can, setting up some Young Single Adult/Seminary activities and firesides, trying to line up some Humanitarian projects (we have three identified) and doing some teaching.  It is all good and we are greatful to have the opportunity to be here.

Raenie and Charlie announced that in January we will have another grandchild.  We are excited for them.  Jacob and his family will be moving to the Baltimore area in July on a three year assignment.

Dasha's baptism

May 10th Russian Victory Day WWII Veteran with ribbons/metals,tulips given to him by people, like us, to show respect.

One of the many Russian Orthodox churches in Nizhniy overlooking where the Aka and Volga rivers join

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