Monday, November 5, 2012

September 29, 2012

Daughter, Carmen, and sister, Carol have gone home from their visit to Russia.  We had a great time, all of us were about worn out.  We visited the Cosmos Park and Russian dance show, saw the metro from various vantages, the kremlin along with the crown jewels and the aromory which hold the old carriages, clothing and various implements and art work from the Tzar and Tzarinas.  We saw red square and St. Basil, which is the large multi colored church on red square with the 10 towers. We had excellent weather the entire time we were in Moscow.  The view from our 24th floor room was beautiful.  The Russian craft show just outside of our hotel was a sight to behold.  Every kind of craft from scarves, hats, and gloves, to Matrushka dolls, carvings, and Russian costumes.   Good food was plentiful and it was nice to be there and take in all the sights.
Here, in Nizhny we visited an old cathedral, the old soviet mall, the nizhny kremlin, we visited in the home of a member, and the car factory. We attended our English club, church, and our weekly district meeting.  They had a taste of missionary work and our 50 stairs up to our apartment was another challenge about twice a day.   
This last Monday we had another visa trip to Riga, Latvia.  It is a beautiful city on the Baltic sea, with some buildings dating in the 1200s.  It has a lot of history and we met some other missionaaries from Riga who had researched the history and they gave us a nice tour. 
So far there are 3 baptismal committments for October and early November.  We are excited to part of the work here. 

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