Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pictures January 1, 2013 C-Novem Godem or Happy New Year!!

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Caleb Crane, 9 years old on Jan 1,  Emma Foutz, 8 years old on Jan 11, and Alayna Pratt who turns 2 years old on January 19.
Sons-in-law Kelly Peterson and Charlie Pratt who both have a birthday on January 25.
Our Sister Mitchell singing a Christmas solo on Dec 22, 2012.
She is from Blanding, UT. 

Elder Foutz is the myrrh bearing wise man in our Christmas pageant. 
Doesn't he look grand in his red outfit bedecked with silver stars.

We visited and lectured at this class of students
who are studying English.  Their teacher, Helen, is a good friend.

Statue in front of the school.  The principal is the model,
and he loves his children in the school.

Taken 25 December 2012 in front of
Malia Prokovskya D. 6 K. 3.  Our home for the
past 15 months.  Elder Foutz has a Russia Shopka,
and my hat is called something different
because it has a brim.  My coat is actually
made in Russia but Jerry's came from Atlanta, Georgia!!


  1. Great pictures! I love your coat! Did that one guy make it??

  2. Yea, pictures!! Love the wiseman costume Dad!!